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Full Stack Developer (Remote Work) 

REMOTE WORK – Our Frontend is developed using VueJS. Experience with any of the frontend framework is required. Familiarity with NodeJS recommended. Engineer with 6+ years of experience with a passion for tackling hard problems. Value clean coding and best practices. Self-motivated and willing to work in a remote environment. Have attention to detail. Ability to take full ownership. 

Job role and benefits: 

You will be responsible for developing and maintaining public\customer websites and the app site. This job is open to remote roles. You get to pick your own hours and location. Compensations for this role include competitive pay plus incentives. 

Please provide your resume along with your Github and Linkedin profile and your personal email at [email protected] 

Contract length: 36 months 

Application Deadline: 28/10/2020 

Expected Start Date: 31/10/2020 

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